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These are some of my favorite pics of Dominik Hasek in action!

****Please be patient. There are many pics, and Tripod takes forever to load them all!****

Even goalies can hit!

Dom takes a hit too, from Petr Bondra

Dom makes saves in all situations

Up close and personal

A good show of sportsmanship between my 2 fave boys.

Tie Domi congratulates Dom on a win

Dom and Cujo say "Nice game."

"There Goes My Hero!!"

You can't keep a good man down!

Dom gets bombarded by a Bruins player

Dom statue w/gold medal on the Arena!

Dom's inflated sweater displayed at Marine Midland Arena

Darryl Shannon gives Dom a hand

Dom makes a glove save.

Dom takes a break.

Dom denies yet another.

An Olympic gold medal looks great around Dom's neck!